Marketing Educators of Texas

Jesus "Omar" Gallegos - President

My name is Jesus “Omar” Gallegos, the new President of the Marketing Educators of Texas (MET). I am a Business and Marketing Educator at Brackenridge High School in the heart of San Antonio. I serve on the Marketing Education Association Board, our national organization, and President-Elect of the American Marketing Association - San Antonio Chapter. I am committed to the advancement of the marketing industry, marketing education, and the professional and student members. I believe marketing knowledge empowers people in their personal and professional lives as well as enhances business development and growth, the backbone of our country’s economic success. 

With that, I invite you to join me on MET’s quest to expand marketing education across Texas and beyond. I’m tired of hearing about the good old days of teaching marketing and how many programs have been cut. I think instead of asking the powers to be to not take our programs and money away, we should focus on the expansion of Marketing Education and promote the benefits of it.

The Vision of MET

This organization is designed to help you with professional development, as well as help you stay abreast of legislative changes within marketing education.  We hope that you will find the experience and membership a great asset to your professional future.  As we continue to grow and mature as an organization, it is important that we listen to the needs and experiences of our members to make sure we are providing the highest quality of service.

MET New Marketing Teacher of the Year and MET Marketing Teacher of the Year

We are seeking nominations for MET New Marketing Teacher of the Year  and for Experienced Marketing Teacher of the Year. Here are the guidelines:

To qualify for the New Marketing Teacher of the year, the nominee must have taught less than one year.

The entry must be emailed to treasurer@metexas.org by July 8th, 2015 and have the following:

- Name of Nominee
- Year(s) taught
- DECA District
- School
- Address (street, city, state, ZIP)
- Phone
- Email

- An explanation of why this teacher deserves to be teacher of the year. (i.e. accomplishments in the classroom, DECA activities/career development conferences, professional development, local marketing industry involvement, etc.)  

The winners will be announced at the annual MET TCEC Summer Conference Awards luncheon and be placed in this area of the website. 

2015 TCEC Summer Conference
July 20-23, 2015 Ft. Worth, Texas
Click here for more informatin and registration.

We are proud to announce that this year we have 13 Marketing Sessions at our annual Summer Conference. We have worked hard to find people you can learn from and take that knowledge to your classroom. Below is the list of presenters and their topics:

Thomas Nunez
Marketing and Communications is the engine that drives the enterprise

Sahnya Shlterbrandt
Multicultural Marketing: Best Practices and Next Practices

Ekaterina Konovalova
Networking with Marketing Professionals and Potential Employers

Dotty Oelkers and Ken Kaser
Imapcting Students with Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Donna Crow, Rochelle McMillon
Strategies for the Novice Marketing Teacher

Rochelle McMillon
The New Marketing TEKS: A Discussion with the Review Committee

Tamella Keelan
SWOT Strategies for Marketing

Christopher Fleming
The Google Classroom, Google Apps and Google Drive

Kenneth Kaser
Whatever It Takes for Student Success

Amber Crabill
How to Incorporate MET Competitive Events in Your Lessons

Eloy Garza
Practical Classroom Management or "How I Filled My Swear Jar"

Kathy Slegal
How to Put On a Job Fair

Sandra Hinesly
DECA Update

Click here for the full conference agenda.


MET Proudly supports the Association for Career and Technical Education.
Click here to learn more about the ACTE National Conferenc which will be held
November 19-22, 2015 in New Orleans, LA.